The “Chill Project”: Ono Graduate Empowers At-Risk Youth

Reut Dror, an Ono Academic College graduate (Bachelor’s in Advertising and Marketing Communications) who is now earning her Master’s degree in Business Administration, co-founded the Chill Project, a program that supports, protects and provides solutions for at-risk youth and those in distress. Understanding that Israeli youth rarely rely on their parents during emergency situations, often endangering their lives in the process, Dror worked with students at Shoham High School to develop programming that raises awareness about the dangers of alcohol consumption and drug use, specifically the violence and sexual misconduct that often follows, and provides tools for students to avoid or remove themselves from distressing and dangerous situations.

The Chill Project was launched at a student fair at Shoham High School in October and has been gaining momentum ever since. Dror and the youth leaders promoting the project report that it is progressing as planned and should reach nationwide deployment over the next several months.



Roni Zalmanovich