Prof. Tova Hartman
Dean, Faculty of Humanities

Prof. Tova Hartman, a scholar and social entrepreneur, is the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Ono Academic College, which includes Ono’s innovative Multicultural Master’s Degree in Organizational Counseling for Formal and Informal Educational Institutions, the School of Education, the Music School and Jewish Studies.

She was formerly Professor of Gender Studies and Education at Bar Ilan University, specializing in gender and religion, and gender and psychology. She is the author of a book on Jewish and Catholic mothers, titled Appropriately Subversive: Modern Mothers in Traditional Religions, a book on the crossroads of Jewish Tradition and modern feminism, titled Feminism Encounters Traditional Judaism, which won the National Jewish Book Award in 2008, Are You Not a Man Of God? Devotion, Betrayal and Social Criticism in Jewish Tradition and numerous articles. She is a founder of Congregation Shira Hadasha in Jerusalem, a congregation organized to increase women’s participation and leadership within traditional Jewish prayer and halakha. She is currently finishing a book on male trauma and shame. Prof. Hartman earned her Ed.D. at Harvard University.