Ranan Hartman
Founder and CEO

Ranan Hartman is Ono Academic College’s Founder and CEO.  His vision is the guiding force behind Ono’s growth, social agenda and success.

In 1995, at the age of 26, Ranan initiated the establishment of Ono Academic College and has been its leader ever since. Ono began with just under 200 students and has grown to encompass a current student body of over 13,000.

At Ono’s helm, Ranan attracted leading researchers, teachers and academic leaders from Israel and around the globe, in addition to young doctoral students from prestigious universities with promising potential to the growing institution. In 2000, with the mission of changing the face of Israeli society, Ranan established Ono’s Haredi campus, the first general academic institution to initiate a degree program for the ultra-Orthodox community, which now includes two campuses and more than 3,000 students. In 2001 he founded the leadership program for Ethiopian-Israeli students, which has already seen two Ethiopian-Israeli Members of Knesset among its graduates. He has further established programs for religious leaders from the diversity of faiths in Israel, for Druze women, for students from Israel’s Arab speaking communities and for young people on the autistic spectrum, one of them together with the IDF.

Ranan made Aliya with his family at the age of two and is fluent in both English and Hebrew. His family settled in Jerusalem, where he was raised.  A native Canadian, Ranan is the youngest son of the late Rabbi David Hartman of blessed memory who founded the Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.

Ranan was an officer and tank commander in the IDF.  After completing his army service he studied law at Bar-Ilan University.

Ranan is married and the father of four children.