Ono Students Promote Acceptance of Individuals with Communications Disorders on Good Deeds Day

On April 1, to mark Good Deeds Day, faculty from Ono Academic College’s Department of Communication Disorders, including Dr. Hannah Potter Katz (Head of the Department), Dr. Limor Ben-Said and Ms. Mazal Shtu, recruited student volunteers to raise awareness and promote acceptance of individuals with communications disorders, giving back to the community through the power of education.  The volunteers, all third year students in the Department of Communication Disorders, ran experiential education activities for first and second graders at the Yaakov Cohen Day School in Kiryat Ono, helping the young students better understand the sense of hearing, the role of a speech therapist, and the best ways to communicate with people with hearing impairments.  Most notably, the activities included a workshop that taught the basics of sign language.  All of the activities were organized and run in cooperation with the Parents’ Committee of the school, and the initiative was a stunning success.  The Yaakov Cohen students were enthralled throughout the day and it was clear the experience made the intended impact.  Ono looks forward to future opportunities to partner with the Yaakov Cohen Day School and other local public schools to continue to raise awareness and promote acceptance and equity among Israeli youth.






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