The International Center for the Study of Ethiopian Jewry

In January 2019, Ono Academic College established the world’s first center for the study of Ethiopian Jewish heritage. Its founding chair, Rabbi Dr. Shalom Sharon, is a renowned Ethiopian-Israelicommunity leader, author and scholar. Ethiopian Jews have long referred to themselves as “Beta Israel”— the House of Israel. Beta Israel is, in effect, the

The Noga First Response Station: Legal Aid and Advocacy

Established in 2004 by Dr. Dana Pugach and Adv. Dikla Tutian, under the auspices of Ono Academic College, The Noga Legal Center for Victims of Crime protects victims and ensures that their basic human rights are upheld, gives them a more meaningful role in criminal proceedings, and advocates for their

Roim Rachok: Inclusion of Young Adults on the Autism Spectrum in the IDF

Service in the Israel Defense Forces is an important rite of passage for Israeli youth and a launch pad for social and professional success.  Though young adults on the Autism spectrum are often unable to take advantage of this crucial and transformative experience, Ono Academic College’s innovative program known as

Ono’s Simulation and Training Center

Ono Academic College’s Simulation and Training Center is a one-of-a-kind experiential learning tool that prepares our business, law, humanities and health professions students for employment interviews and real-life work situations by providing a safe, structured and fully-customizable problem solving environment.
Professional actors are employed to give every training session a

The Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) Campus

Ono Academic College has become Israel’s largest academic campus for men and women from ultra-Orthodox backgrounds.  In deference to their way of life, the ultra-Orthodox students study on a separate campus, and men and women attend classes on different days and are taught only by lecturers of their own genders. 


Ono Academic College is proud to be the first private academic institution to receive accreditation from the Israel Council for Higher Education to award BA degrees in Communication Sciences and Disorders.  Communication Sciences and Disorders is a diagnostic and therapeutic-rehabilitative profession; its purpose is to facilitate processes

BSc Sports Therapy

Are your big loves sports and therapy? Do you believe that sports can change people’s lives?
Our degree will enable you to combine them into a rewarding profession. Sports Therapy is a profession that is well known abroad, that has become more relevant than ever with the increased awareness

Multiple Laboratories of Multicultural Education

With more than 14,500 students from across Israel’s religious, cultural, and ethnic spectrum, and campuses in major cities and development towns around the country, Ono Academic College is the fastest growing institute of higher education in Israel, and a model of inclusive undergraduate and graduate programming and education-based social reform.

UDL – Universal Design for Learning

Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an educational model aimed at using neurological research to create inclusive learning environments.  The model is based on the understanding that people differ greatly in terms of capabilities and limitations, preferred learning styles, interests, needs, and skills.  The UDL model recommends flexibility in teaching

Empowering the Ethiopian Israeli Community through Higher Education

For the Ethiopian Israeli community, the key to effective absorption and financial stability is the development of dynamic and successful young leaders, made possible by quality higher educational programming and job placement assistance.  By providing personal attention, full tutorial support, generous scholarships, and a welcoming, adaptive and inclusive learning environment,