Ono Joins National Women’s Strike to Stand Against Domestic Violence

On December 4, thousands of men and women demonstrated across Israel, calling on the government to take action against domestic abuse.  The Women’s Strike Against Domestic Violence highlighted the government’s unfulfilled promise to allocate NIS 250 million for a five-year plan to fight violence against women that would include placing social workers at every police station, putting ankle monitors on abusive men, establishing shelters for battered pregnant women, expanding rehabilitation programs for abusive men and resettling battered women abroad for their own protection.

The faculty and students of Ono Academic College joined the Women’s Strike Against Domestic Violence and then took part in a special program on campus.  Students from all sectors and backgrounds came together to make sure their voices were heard and then stood shoulder to shoulder for a moment of silence to honor the memory of women who were murdered when their pleas for help were not heeded.




Roni Zalmanovich