Ono Hosts Workshop on Advocating for Ethiopian-Israelis Wronged By Law Enforcement

On Monday, February 25, Ono Academic College hosted a training workshop for individuals interested in joining the effort to submit official requests to expunge the criminal records of members of the Ethiopian-Israeli community.  Justice Ministry Director-General Emmy Palmor, the driving force behind the effort to rectify the injustice done to Ethiopian-Israeli by the law enforcement system, taught the more than 130 lawyers, social workers, educators, civil servants and other in attendance how to submit the applications correctly and in an expeditious manner.  Prof. Yuval Elbashan, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Ono Academic College, expressed his excitement at the success of the workshop, citing that fact that just 24 hours after the session suggestions began pouring in from participants about follow-up tactics and how to strengthen the effort.

“Forgiveness is based on the understanding that society must share the blame for any wrong done,” said Prof. Elbashan.  “By pardoning individuals who have done wrong, there is an admission of guilt and a recognition that we as a society have a hand in committing the offense.  This is most definitely the case in regards to the absorption of Ethiopian-Israelis, so we must do the right thing.”


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