Ono Faculty Joins Unique Project at the University of Hertfordshire

Dr. Naama Katz, head of the Mental Health Department at Ono Academic College, as well as a lecturer in the Occupational Therapy Department and the Deputy Dean of Students, and Dr. Dana Pugach, head of the Noga Center for Victims of Crime in the Faculty of Law at Ono, have joined the teaching and research staff at the University of Hertfordshire, England, for a unique and exciting project. In addition to lecturing on topics surrounding Criminology and Social Work, both Dr. Katz and Dr. Pugach have been promoting research on both the optimal relationship between lawyers and victims of crimes, and the ideal joint work processes between occupational therapists and lawyers in order to ensure the well-being of the victims. Their lectures have been very well attended, and their research has been extremely well received.

We are so proud of the members of our amazing faculty, who are making an impact around the world!



Roni Zalmanovich