New Ono Program Empowers Students With ADD

Nearly 10% of college students grapple with ADD.  This segment of the student population finds it incredibly difficult to pay attention during class, stay organized between classes, study on their own, and focus during tests.  The result is often the forfeiture of bright academic careers – students with so much promise allow their dreams of earning a degree slip away.

A new program at Ono Academic College, which is available for all undergraduates across the country, provides students who struggle with ADD with a personalized academic assistance package, including a mentor to provide academic support, specialized study guides and exercises, workshops to help develop note-taking and study skills, and a shadow to assist with administrative issues like registration and payment for courses.  Students enrolled in the program will also attend one-on-one sessions with Ono faculty to discuss time management and goal setting, learn how to effectively apply learning and organizational strategies, and receive emotional support to ensure that their frustrations don’t undermine their progress.

This is how Ono empowers its students and sets them up for success.  This is the Ono difference.

Roni Zalmanovich