Driven by ideals of equity, diversity and inclusion, Ono Academic College leverages educational and experiential frameworks to foster economic and social integration and bridge the gaps within Israeli society.  In addition to a broad-based general student body, we actively recruit and enroll Israel’s minority populations, including men and women from Ultra-Orthodox, Ethiopian and Arab backgrounds and individuals with developmental and learning disabilities, ensuring that higher education is accessible to students from all backgrounds and of all abilities.

Friends of Ono Academic College was established to support Ono's activities, programs, facilities and scholarship funds so that our diverse group of students can thrive within the educational environment and later excel in the professional workforce.

Ono's Missions

Providing students from all backgrounds with inclusive research and educational programming that promotes leadership, innovation and bold thinking, allowing them to make a seamless transition to the Israeli workforce
Developing a faculty and community of alumni who are valued and sought-after experts in their respective fields and possess the means and inspirational qualities required to improve Israeli society
Striving towards a more integrative, multicultural and thriving Israeli society by providing a welcoming and adaptive learning environment for Israel’s largest minority student population
Setting the standard for higher education as a model of inclusive undergraduate and graduate programming and education-based social reform