Conference: Exclusion of women

It’s no secret that women are economically excluded: in hiring, promotions of work, ‎monthly salaries and the allocation of credit. Some are even economically excluded in their homes, and as a result, they often become victims of economic violence. Where does it all begin? Employers pay a lower salary, the state allows fewer rights, and society generally gives women less than men.

If you, too, want to fight women’s exclusion, Ono Academic College invites you to a panel on May 16 on the issue of exclusion of women from the job market, the distribution of family capital and the ‎allocation of credit.


  • Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon
  • MK Zahava Gal-On, chair, Meretz
  • Professor Yaron Zelekha
  • Dr. Galit Eilam

If you, too, want to fight women’s exclusion, please register at the conference page (free of charge).‎

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