With more than 14,500 students from across Israel’s religious, cultural, and ethnic spectrum, and campuses in major cities and development towns around the country, Ono Academic College is the fastest growing institute of higher education in Israel, and a model of inclusive undergraduate and graduate programming and education-based social reform.

Guided by the belief that accessible higher education is the key to national security, economic growth and societal advancement, Ono’s multiple laboratories of multicultural education and socially oriented curriculum provide the potential for all people to achieve personal fulfillment and professional success.

Ono is dedicated to providing students from all backgrounds with inclusive research and educational programming that promotes leadership, innovation and bold thinking and allows them to make a seamless transition to the Israeli workforce and become productive citizens.

Ono continually strives towards a more integrative, multicultural and thriving Israeli society by providing a welcoming and adaptive learning environment for Israel’s largest minority student population, including men and women from Ultra-Orthodox, Ethiopian and Arab backgrounds and individuals with developmental and learning disabilities, including revolutionary programming for individuals with Asperger syndrome and high-functioning Autism.

Founded in 1995, Ono is a private academic institution - and a registered NGO - offering degrees in Law, Business Administration, Advertising and Marketing Communications, Accounting, Humanities, Health Professions, and Music. 

In addition to fostering true academic success, our unique programming extends into the field of social entrepreneurship, harnessing the power of educational programs to produce leadership that mends social gaps. Integrated into its academic framework, Ono has initiated a series of programs that promote diversity and inclusion, aiding those who have been deprived of the rights, privileges and the personal resources enjoyed by mainstream Israeli society and opening the doors of higher education to all sectors in Israel.

Our emphasis on excellence finds expression through our faculty, a virtual ‘who’s who’ of the world’s top academic experts, brightest business and political minds, and innovative scientific and social researchers – all graduates of leading universities in Israel and abroad.  This diverse and dynamic faculty reciprocates the admiration received from the student body, ensuring a pervasive sense of self-worth and belonging on campus and inspiring a community of graduates across the country who strive to better their own environments and Israeli society at large.

Not a community college.

A community building college.

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